Benefits of Meditation

From concentration comes the birth of insight and wisdom - Joseph Goldstein

Meditation is a form of focus and attention leading to calmness of the mind, feelings of relaxation and heightened levels of consciousness.

The word Meditation comes from the latin word Mederi which means
“to remedy, to heal”.

Meditation is about reducing the clutter of our minds and bringing what is unconscious to our conscious thoughts.
In addition to feelings of restfulness and peace, Mindfulness Meditation teaches us awareness of the present experience with acceptance. With enhanced awareness, acceptance and compassion, meditation leads us to a deeper self-knowledge. It is an enlightening experience, allowing us to see more clearly and understand more deeply areas of ourselves and our lives that we were out of touch with.

Meditation is about being yourself and knowing more about who that self is.

Meditation can keep the body healthy, the mind clear and the nervous system calm. One of the major benefits of meditation is heightened awareness of self, others and the world around us.
All this allows for peace of mind, inner calm, greater self control and the ability to harness and direct our mental and physical energy.

Research has shown, meditation benefits health in many ways. These include, lowered blood pressure, deeper relaxation, increased creativity and focus, better breathing, reduced pain, better health, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and more.

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